ACC Spotlight Student

March 2017

Name: Kylie Edens
Home School : LaSalle-Peru
Class Enrolled: IVEO - Entrepreneurship

This month's spotlight student is a Senior Entrepreneurship (IVEO) student from LaSalle-Peru High School. Also pictured is her instructor Mr. Marty Makransky.

Kylie Edens: Currently in her Senior year, Kylie plans to study Business/Entrepreneurship at Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville).  Her college plans are aligned with her ultimate career goal (which is to own her own business). In pursuit of that goal, the IVEO class has given her many educational experiences that have not only added to her composite knowledge, but also opened her eyes to possibilities she had not considered.

In support of the experiences that have opened her eyes is the structure of how the IVEO class is run, and the students that compose its body. In all ACC classes there are students that come from as many as nine feeder schools. Kylie relishes the fact that she has exposure to such a wide variety of students. It allows her to see different points of view, and gives her that many more connections to draw upon in life. It is in the appreciation of connections made, that Kylie indicates her greatest benefit of the IVEO class comes. For, in addition to the students she meets, the class also exposes her to a large number of area businesses and their owners. These connections, in what they can teach her, and in the networking that they provide, are an asset that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

For those students thinking of taking the IVEO class, Kylie has this advice; "remember to keep an open mind and to absorb as much information as you can throughout the year". The aspect of keeping an open mind is key. You will hear many different approaches to running a business, and many different business ideas, so if you listen you will walk away with much more knowledge than you started with.

Congratulations Kylie, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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