ACC Spotlight Student

April 2017

Name(s): Riley Stillwell & Maria Madrigal
Home School : Henry-Senachwine & Depue
Class Enrolled: Child Development

This month's spotlight student(s) are two young women who are enrolled in the ACC's Child Development program. Pictured from left to right are: Maria Madrigal of Depue HS, Riley Stillwell of Henry-Senachwine HS, and instructor Barb Rutkowski.

Riley Stillwell: Currently in her Junior year, Riley plans to continue her study of Early Childhood Development and pursue it as a career track.

Riley indicates that this class is one that is tailor made for those that love to work with small children. Three days of the week, there are anywhere from 15 to 20 young children who comprise the pre-school classes that the students work with. Riley's advice to prospective students: "You have to want to work with them, and not be afraid of teaching them the lessons that you have planned."

Riley states that she has never had a bad day when working with the kids, and she enjoys all the new people that the class allows her to meet. Those experiences have prompted her to take the class for its second year and continue to pursue earning her ECE level 1 Certification. Riley sees this class as a stepping stone to her career ambition of being an educator at the early childhood level.

Maria Madrigal: Currently in her Senior year, Maria plans to continue her studies in early childhood development and pursue a career in the field. Amongst the many things that draw Maria to actively engage in the class is the work she does with lesson plans. While Maria states that the plans demand a great deal of her time, they do cause her to think very seriously about what she will do with the kids, and this makes the end result much more enjoyable. Maria's advice to any student wishing to take the class is to keep up with the work on your lesson plans. Neglecting it, will cause you to fall behind very fast.

Maria advises any future students to be very patient and considerate with the young children. They are still developing and they learn by watching you, so if you are not patient and kind, they will either start to act that way (they think it is normal), or they will withdraw because they are scared. Neither of those actions is what the class is all about. So, if you like children, are patient, kind, and thoughtful, you will enjoy the class.

Congratulations Maria and Riley, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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