ACC Spotlight Student

October 2017

Pictured: Tony Aughenbaugh and Instructor Mr. Shawn Schwingle

Name(s): Tony Aughenbaugh
Home School : Mendota
Class(es) Enrolled: CAD Drafting

This month's spotlight student is a second year CAD drafting student from Mendota H.S.

Tony Aughenbaugh: Currently in his Senior Year, Tony has plans to put his experiences in CAD Drafting to use with his pursuit of an Engineering Degree.

According to his teacher Mr. Shawn Schwingle, a more deserving student could not be found for recognition. Tony places great attention to detail, and takes tremendous pride in his work. As a student who seeks to become an Engineer, it is not enough to master the mechanics of using the CAD drafting program, one has to understand the mathematics and physics of what he is designing at a much deeper level. Tony possesses that ability.

According to Tony, the toughest thing about the class is his need to always capture the fine details of what he is designing. Many times a project appears to be finished, but when one gives it a second looking over, you find small things that are not perfect. In teh real world thos esmall imperfections can have disastrous results. Mr. Schwingle teaches us to look for those things, and to never be settled unless we have gone over it a numbe rof extra times. That is the difference between good and great (or acceptable and unacceptable).

With his sights set on getting an Engineering degree the ACC is proud to be one of the places that Tony got his start.

Congratulations Tony, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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