ACC Spotlight Student

January 2017

Name: Carson Corpus
Home School : Hall High School
Class Enrolled: Residential Wiring

This month's spotlight student is a second year Residential Wiring student from Hall High School. Also pictured is his instructor Mr. Matt Dawson.

Carson has indicated that he has taken the Residential Wiring program to prepare him for his future career. He credits his instructor Mr. Dawson with opening his eyes to what his career will require and the potential that it holds for him. To achieve those career goals, Carson has begun investigating the options of a trade school, or attending IVCC. His research includes costs for attendance, and staying relatively close to the Illinois Valley Area.

As to the curriculum of the class, Carson indicates that the hardest part of what he learns is meeting the due date. However, meeting the due date is not difficult, it is the many parts that go on behind that requirement that elevate the level of difficulty. As an example, finishing a required wiring project means that you have researched all the necessary codes (and complied with their stipulations), as well as making sure all of the other ancillary parts of the project have been put in their place. Doing it correctly means you take great pride in your work, so that when others see it they know that you know what you are doing.

Carson states that taking the class has many beneficial attributes even if you are not thinking of becoming an electrician. Primary amongst these benefits is your ability to save money by doing some of the electrical work around your own house. However, you also learn about the safety aspects of wiring, and being able to spot potentially unsafe conditions that might be present. Carson recommends the class to everyone, as it is beneficial. However, when doing the electrical work, he takes pride in living up to the motto of "Pig tail it, and get it out of the way." For those not in the know, the phrase revolves around the end product of making conections with your wiring. I.E--Make it neat, and put it safely away.

Congratulations Carson, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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