ACC Spotlight Student

February 2017

Name(s): Alec Kessel & Jace Hardy
Home School : LaSalle-Peru
Class Enrolled: CAD Drafting

This month's spotlight student(s)area two second year CAD Drafting students from LaSalle-Peru High School. Also pictured is their instructor Mr. Shawn Schwingle.

Jace Hardy (Pictured Center): Currently in his Senior year, Jace has taken part in the CAD drafting program for three years. Starting as a Sophomore, Jace enrolled in Mr. Schwingle's introduction to CAD class. He has since continued his pursuit of his career in CAD design by taking the Drafting class at the ACC the past two years.

In taking the class, Jace hopes to put his design skills to use in the Automotive industry. He will continue his academic career by taking courses at IVCC once he graduates in May. Combining his solid background in CAD design, and his love of automobiles, Jace will pursue a career that allows him to innovate and contribute to the advancement of the Auto Industry. According to Jace, the hardest part of the curriculum is being required to design objects (parts and objects) that he has never seen before. This puts his observation skills to use, as he looks for the common elemnts that compose the parts he is to design. The ability to fully function in the CAD environment, and innovate in design of unfamiliar objects should serve Jace well in an industry that thrives on what is new.

Jace appreciates Mr. Schwingle's emphasis on preparation for the real world. He feels confident that by following the advice and experiences that have been a part of the CAD class he is well prepared for the challenges that he will face outside of the walls of the ACC and LP High School.

Alec Kessel (Pictured Left): Currently in his Senior year, Alec is taking part in the CAD drafting program to prepare for a post-secondary degree in Engineering. Alec is aware that in order to advance within the field of Engineering a thorough working knowledge of a CAD software package is necessary, especially in the area of Mechanical Engineering (which is Alec's preferred field to study). Alec intends to take up Mechanincal Engineering at either Sounthern Illinois University--Edwardsville, or the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

Having an attention to detail, and striving for perfection, Alec has advice for others that are looking to take Mr. Schwingle's Auto CAD class. "Pay attention to the demonstrations, and do your assigned section reading." This work ethic has served him well throughout the lessons he has encountered this year in his CAD class. His favorite lesson is the bridge design lesson, and from it, he has learned that when the design doesn't work, that can be frustrating. However, there is a reason the design didn't work, and as an engineer your job is to find out why.

Congratulations Jace and Alec, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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