ACC Spotlight Student

November 2017

Pictured: Nathan Leonard with instructor Mrs. Susan Stiker

Name(s): Nathan Leonard
Home School : LaSalle Peru
Class(es) Enrolled: Culinary Arts

This month's spotlight student is a second year Culinary Arts Student from LaSalle Peru H.S.

Nathan Leonard: Currently in his Senior Year, Nathan has plans top either pursue a continuing education/career in the Culinary Arts or to pursue a degree in Business.

According to his teacher Mrs. Susan Stiker, Nathan is a hard working, dedicated, and intuitive/intelligent young man. He takes pride in the accomplishments he achieves and contributes to the class in a way that elevates all of the students he works with. He is an excellent team player who is equally adept at leading or contributing.

According to Nathan, the class challenges him to put forth his best effort. His teacher asks a great deal of all students with the utmost request being to try! According to Nathan, even though the class asks a great deal of you, it is work that is punctuated with fun. There is much laughter and joy in the class. He would like other students to know that the class is about much more than simply cooking. It is about health and nutrition, science, and above all planning. When one combines all three in the right proportion, the work they do in class brings joy to others.

With his sights set on getting a post secondary degree the ACC is proud to be one of the places that Nathan got his start. Remember us when you have your own show on the Food Network ☺ !

Congratulations Nathan, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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