ACC Spotlight Student

October 2016

Name: Pablo Lule
Home School : Hall High School
Class Enrolled: Building Trades

This month's spotlight student is a second year Building Trades student from Hall High School. His name is Pablo Lule. Pablo indicates that his interest in carpentry and the building trades, stems from watching members of his family work within that profession. In taking the first year class, Pablo was impressed with how well instruction was given by his teacher Mr. Harold Burr. Pablo especially appreciates Mr. Burr's attention to safety in the classroom and on the worksite. This attention allows the class to bond as a team, so that everyone understands they are responsible for the welfare of their classmates. So, the enjoyment that Pablo gets from attending his class is found not just in the skills he learns, but also in the friendships he develops. According to Pablo, even though the students come from many different schools they all see themselves as part of the same team when working together. This attitude and attention to the class as a whole, has earned Pablo the title of Foreman, according to Mr. Burr.

Upon graduating high school Pablo is looking to work in the construction trades via entering an apprenticeship program with a local union. The skills he has learned while in Building trades will allow him an added step up in the training the apprenticeship will demand. In planning his future, Pablo knows that a union carpenter will make a living that allows him to afford and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, he knows that while in the apprenticeship program, he will be paid for the training he receives.

Pablo recommends the Building Trades class to anyone who likes to work with their hands, and takes pride in building things. The class will teach you many things you can use around the house, or use to make a living.

Congratulations Pablo, and thank you for your dedication in pursuit of your career!

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