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ACC Building


Educators of Beauty Building

Our Campus

The campus of the LaSalle-Peru Area Career Center spans over a quarter mile and is comprised of three separate buildings. Each building houses a separate set of programs and has unique characteristics that make it ideally suited for housing those curricula. The pictures below will give you a glimpse of the main structure and the links to the left will allow you to view the inside of each of the buildings.

The Buildings

The Dolan Building

The Dolan Building houses the programs of; CAD Drafting, Child Care, Culinary Arts,IVEO,and Graphic Communications. It is a two story facility with Culinary Arts and Graphic Communications Housed on the main floor. CAD Drafting, IVEO, and Child Care are housed on the second floor (an elevator is provided).

Main Entrance to The Dolan Building

The Pope Building

The Pope building is located at the far East end of the campus and exclusively houses the Automotives program. It is equipped with two entry bays, three lifts, and a state of the art Hunter Wheel Alignment System (scissors lift for alignments is a fourth lift).

Pope Automotive Building

Rear Bay of Pope Building

The ACC Building

The ACC building is a part of the Campus of LaSalle-Peru High School. It is located between the Dolan Building and the Pope Building. It houses the majority of ACC programs. The programs housed in the ACC Building are: Residential Wiring, Fire Science, Welding, Building Trades, Health Occupations, and Machine Technology

ACC Main Entrance

East End of ACC Building

The Educators of Beauty Building

The ACC Cosmetology Program is taught by (and located at) a private educational company known as Educators of Beauty. They are a fully licensed educational institution who work alongside the Area Career Center to educate students in pursuit of an Illinois Cosmetology License. Their facility is located at 3601 Marquette Rd. #2, Peru, Illinois 61354. You may contact them via phone at: 815-223-7326, or visit their website at Educators of Beauty

*The Cosmetology program is housed offsite at Educators of Beauty (located in Peru, Illinois).

Educators of Beauty